Prepress tips

Graphical prepress can be done using several graphical programms (Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw etc.) and can be done in vector or raster form. If done in vector form, it demands font that can be converted into curves (Create Outlines). If larger black surfaces are used, CMYK colour is used for creating fullness and it consists of C 50%,  M 40%, Y 40% i K 100%. If the prepress is done as a raster form, resolution should be minimum 300 dpi. and colours should be defined in CMYK system.

While preparing for printing it is important not to put graphical elements near to the cut line. In that way you are certain that nothing will be cut off unvoluntarily. Prepress can be delivered in different formats (PDF, JPEG, TIF, GIF, PNG and etc.) The most reliable and preferred format is PDF format. If you want to be sure that the quality of your prepress for print and print itself is exquisite, we can made and send you a template, free of charge.
If you are not certain how to create the best prepress for printing, you are free to use some of our templates, or you can just phone us. We are happy to use our knowledge and expertise to help you.


Badges 25 mm


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