Pin Buttons

Numerous companies, political parties and associations use our pin buttons badges as promo material. Moreover, our clients often use them to show their support to sport clubs, to show their appreciation towards a certain musician or a group, to show their care for people in need, pets that are not being care after, to pay attention to a specific event, to remember a specific event. They are often used as name tags, and because of their contemporary design, they can be easily incorporated into everyday`s outfit.

Metal construction enables durability and high quality of our badges and is the main reason for their popularity. The image that is included in the button is printed using digital colour print of high resolution on a 135 g/m2 paper. Hard mylar foil is then added to ensure additional hardness. This foil is the reason for the shiny image and is crucial for protecting the image. Safety pin is attached to the back side of our buttons and is a part of a metal construction.

Buttons are made in different sizes and dimensions.