Frequently asked questions

How soon can I expect arrival of my badges?

Badges and magnets are most often delivered within 7 working days, if the ordered quantity is less than 1000 pieces. In emergent situations the deadline for delivery can be even shorter, depending on the buyers needs and out possibilities (eg. 2 – 3 days). For larger quantities, deadline is defined together with the buyer and, obviously, our possibilities. The delivery is done via HP Express, only for Croatia at the time being.

What is the price of delivery via HP Express?

The price of delivering our products using HP Express is 30 kn + PDV.

Can I fetch my order by myself?

Of course, your orders can be taken directly from our offices that are located at the address Holjakova 2, Zagreb.

How can I order and take my deliveries if I do not live in Zagreb?

Our products can be ordered via phone on 01 6547 405 or via e-mail Deliveries are selt using HP Ekspres for Croatia and our buyers take their deliveries in a short time, reliably, no matter in which part od Croatia thy live.

Can you show me a template of my badges before me ordering them?

Before the entire ordered quantity is put into production, a visual, that represents definitive look of the badges you ordered, is sent to you via e-mail for your authorisation. If needed, it can be sent via mail.

Can you make badges or magnets usning my photo?

Badges and magnets are often done based on photos that our clients deliver to us. Painting or a caricature can be used as well. According to our client`s needs, photo can be adjusted and supplemented with text (name, date, etc.).

I don`t know how to make preparation for ptint. Can I send only photo?

Of course. You can send us a photo, or whatever you want to be on your badge or magnet, and we will adjust them for printing.

Do I need to come to your offices if I want to choose a motiv for my badge?

It isn`t neccessary. You can choose a motiv from our gallery and send us it`s label via e-mail (eg. B3778). Most of our orders are closed via e-mail, without any trouble.

What are magnets wrapped in? Do you sell decorative paper bags?

Magnets are individually packed in white paper bags (free of charge). However, we have decorative bags in different colours and our pruces are more than reasonable.